Autumn colours


Watercolours. 14cm x 21cm. There are many good watercolour tutorials on and this was the product of one of them. Unfortunately I can’t find the link right now but it was certainly one of my favourites (when I do I’ll insert the link here).  I managed to follow along with the video real-time which is something that not often happens, mainly because with watercolour unless you leave adequate time for the watercolours to dry, they all blend in to each other but I think it’s worked out alright here – a sort of mix of soft lines due to painting on “wet on wet” and hard lines which are the result of painting on a completely dry surface.




Watercolour & Pen and Ink. 21cm x 29cm. Carrying on with the portrait theme, this is my friend Rob. I have a passion for “Paynes Grey” at the moment – a colour many watercolourists will know well and I love it! Anyway, I’ve discovered I particularly like it for portraits so here it is. On a slightly different note, my camera is broken so alas, my pictures are a bit blurry – apologies!

Langston harbour

Langston (1).jpg

Ink & Watercolour. 25cm x 10cm. This was a quick ‘field’ sketch from this Autumn during a particularly wet day (in fact, there was even a very high spring tide at the time) of Langston Mill.  I’d just bought some old style calligraphy pens with some dipping ink and tested them out here with some watercolour washes.

I think that completes most of the watercolour back catalogue! If I have a quiet patch, I might dig out some more but from now on, the paintings or sketches will be up pretty much as and when I do them.



Watercolour. 27cm x 35cm. This is Giammi, my second attempt at a watercolour portrait from a photo. Again, I’d do things a bit differently now but I think it captured his likeness which I was pleased about!

(Ps. I’m still working through the back-catalogue! There are another few posts to go and then it’ll be newer pics!)