The Smile

Watercolour. 25 x 25 cm.

Another portrait of another good friend. I had fun experimenting with how to do darker skin tones (burnt umber, ultramarine blue and a bit of light red!) 🙂


Heartfelt Portrait

Watercolour. 30 x 20cm.

My friend detests having her photo taken. This was a rare shot of her that I decided to immortalise with watercolours (I don’t imagine she’ll let me take another photo again). I learn something new with each painting and with this one I learnt how to use clingfilm for an unusual background effect!

February Filottrano

Watercolour. 20cm x 40cm. Part of my “2016 in watercolours” project. This was taken from a photo taken in February of the lovely Filottrano in Le Marche, Italy. I love the rolling hills and at that time of the year all the fields look like they’ve been combed! There’s a lot of artists that say you shouldn’t use black when painting. So being the rebel I am, I used just black for this one. 

January Puss

Watercolour. 15 x 15cm. I’ve decided to give myself a project! It’s called ‘Year in Watercolours’. I’m going to give paint something for each month of 2016 inspired by my photos. This is January’s and it’s of my lovely cat, Puss (/Batfink / Mimi…a cat can never have too many names). Cats it turns out are difficult to paint…too much fur.

Leaf studies

Watercolours. Various sizes. I thought I’d share these because it was great fun, very absorbing and good practice to try and get the colours and shapes right. I think many people associate watercolours with quite a loose impressionistic style but the medium really does lend itself to realistic paintings that you’d struggle to tell the difference between them and a photo.

Moody Morning

Watercolour / pen / charcoal. 21cm x 29cm. This is today’s watercolour sketch taken from a reference photo (it was cold out!). It started off as 100% watercolour but I wasn’t convinced by it and went over it with pen and charcoal to define some of the edges.