Looking up


SOLD. Watercolour. 42 x 30cm. Testing out a new watercolour painting block pad (Hahnemuhle Andalucia) . I quite liked it – it’s heavier and more absorbent than other papers I’ve used. This was inspired from a photo I took during a snow shoeing event yesterday in the beautiful Sibillini mountains in Italy.


Rose mount

Watercolour and water soluble charcoal.30 x 21. I bought some mounts. The cat likes to jump on them with muddy paws. Rather than throw it away I decided I’d try and cover it up. The sketch in the middle is using water soluble charcoal pencil. I wanted something quite plain and muted. 

Paynes Grey Winter Wonderland

Watercolour. 27 x 35cm. My excellent watercolour teacher Terry Banks must have had me in mind when he designed today’s monochrome lesson. The painting uses only Paynes Grey, a lovely deep dark blue black colour that I can’t get enough of. This is my version of his painting which I think turned out quite well!  I really like doing moody skies, watch this space for more.