“You know nothin’ Jon Snow”

Watercolour. 5 x 7 inches. This is the lovely Jon Snow, part of my Game of Thrones series of portraits. Available for purchase. 


Paynes Grey Winter Wonderland

Watercolour. 27 x 35cm. My excellent watercolour teacher Terry Banks must have had me in mind when he designed today’s monochrome lesson. The painting uses only Paynes Grey, a lovely deep dark blue black colour that I can’t get enough of. This is my version of his painting which I think turned out quite well!  I really like doing moody skies, watch this space for more.



Watercolour & Pen and Ink. 21cm x 29cm. Carrying on with the portrait theme, this is my friend Rob. I have a passion for “Paynes Grey” at the moment – a colour many watercolourists will know well and I love it! Anyway, I’ve discovered I particularly like it for portraits so here it is. On a slightly different note, my camera is broken so alas, my pictures are a bit blurry – apologies!