January Puss

Watercolour. 15 x 15cm. I’ve decided to give myself a project! It’s called ‘Year in Watercolours’. I’m going to give paint something for each month of 2016 inspired by my photos. This is January’s and it’s of my lovely cat, Puss (/Batfink / Mimi…a cat can never have too many names). Cats it turns out are difficult to paint…too much fur.


Leaf studies

Watercolours. Various sizes. I thought I’d share these because it was great fun, very absorbing and good practice to try and get the colours and shapes right. I think many people associate watercolours with quite a loose impressionistic style but the medium really does lend itself to realistic paintings that you’d struggle to tell the difference between them and a photo.



Watercolour. 27cm x 35cm. This is Giammi, my second attempt at a watercolour portrait from a photo. Again, I’d do things a bit differently now but I think it captured his likeness which I was pleased about!

(Ps. I’m still working through the back-catalogue! There are another few posts to go and then it’ll be newer pics!)

Mystic Hills


Watercolour. 27cm x 35cm. Back catalogue from back in Summer 2016. There are lots of YouTube tutorials out there on the internet and this was the output of one of them from the very talented Steve Cronin. Steve Cronin randomly splodges paint willy-nilly on the paper it seems and in 10 minutes time there is a masterpiece. This was an attempt of my copying him in real-time which resulted in a somewhat “wet” watercolour but I kind of like it – it’s sort of mystic!!! He also uses quite an interesting technique of using card to scrape off the paint which I had previously not realised you could do with watercolour.